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The two main kinds of hardwood flooring: solid and engineered. Solid wood F. is made from solid constructed measures and wood at 1/4″ to 25/32″. Engineered wood alternatively, is manufactured out of products constructed in layers. These layers get the grains alternating in different directions, giving the surface increased strength and stability. This type of wood is also measured in plys, generally being 3 to 5 ply. Engineered wood is normally found in locations where wood should not be installed, for example in basements.

Although unfinished wood may be stained and finished on-site, most wood is prefinished on the factory before being installed at your residence. Hardwood flooring can be purchased in both solid and engineered construction. Solid wood has been used for centuries, and continues to be the flooring type of choice for homeowners. It may be refinished many times, and definitely will last for several years. Engineered wood is a kind of construction which uses layers of real wood sandwiched together, with every layer running cross ways towards the layer below. The best layer of wood is pre-finished, and offers the identical beautiful look as wood.

Engineered floors have several advantages. Whereas solid floors are certainly not a great choice in situations in which there are high moisture levels or radiant heat systems, the building of engineered floors ensures they are stable enough to stand up to certain alterations in temperature and moisture that might create a solid floor warp. Engineered hardwood flooring was designed to resist wood’s natural tendency to improve dimensional after a while. The grain of each and every layer runs in opposite directions, making engineered floors very stable. Consequently the wood will expand and contract below solid wood flooring during fluctuations in humidity and temperature. For that reason engineered floors are a better option for applications for example over radiant heat installations, in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or when a floor is necessary to span two differing sub-floors like plywood and concrete.

Today’s hardwood flooring comes in all kinds of wood types and colors. Some wood types you might want to think about are wenge, rustic pine, oak, and bamboo. Additionally, there are many types of hardwood flooring. Solid flooring is really a solid wood throughout the piece. It is actually sturdier than other types and lends itself to several stains well. Engineered or laminate floors is just not a solid part of wood. It can be several layers of wood pressed together to produce one piece either in 3 or 5 plies, or layers, with all the grain going in many directions. This kind of wood is ideal for places that may be exposed to water, such as a bathroom or laundry room. Acrylic impregnated floors is flooring where acrylics are injected in to the wood to produce an almost concrete-like harness from the wood. This is perfect for high traffic areas which get a lot of tear and wear.

You may also opt for solid wood flooring. This sort is rather hard to install and remove. For this reason, solid wood floors can be found in plank, strip or parquet form for easier installation. Engineered wood is a different type of flooring. It is actually manufactured away from several layers of wood veneer which can be compacted along with industrial strength glue. Engineered wood floors are often extremely sturdy, combining the effectiveness of a number of layers of wood veneer, for instance a combination of birch and oak, for this reason. It is also more affordable as you only need to match the topmost layer to the appearance of your property. In addition, engineered wood can withstand various types of climates, plus they are more resistant to spills and humidity, and extreme temperature. This really is one reason why engineered wood is very popular for basements which can be often susceptible to water exposure.